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19-Oct-2016 08:56

Who would have guessed that she doesn’t have a clue about American culture? Still after 30 years of this, you poll the American people, and 80 percent of them believe in God and regularly go to religious services. I think there is a reason that Hitler could never come to power. One of the things that drove me crazy about America’s greatest president, Ronald Reagan, was he was constantly had to make references to FDR. She is under the impression that “Forrest Gump” is a recent flick. [Pause.] This is something I do have expertise in: I give a lot of college speeches, and half the room is usually angry protesters with placards. So they both must ask you this: “When are you gonna get married? They’re much too excited about my political career. Back in the 18th century, Europeans commented on how God-crazy we were. As de Tocqueville says, “American religion prevents Americans from doing things that the law doesn’t forbid.” Back to your original point, about who is the greater oppressor: Who would you rather live under, me or Hillary Clinton? I wouldn’t tell you, you couldn’t enjoy a little tobacco pleasure at a bar. That isn’t so much because I’m a public figure — it’s because I’m constantly sitting at my computer working. You have to do that if you’re a politician, that same way that George Bush has to describe Islam as a “nation of peace.” I don’t have to do that. In a similar tactic, Drudge’s fedora acts as camouflage for the homosexual to pass unscathed through men’s rights activists and border patrol volunteers. The process of turning an uninhabited patch of land, abandoned building, or even your backyard into a federally sanctioned nature preserve is now a simple one page web form.

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We should worry that she is dooming herself to spinsterhood, rather than assume Coulter practices free love or is still in the closet. And the truth is, Coulter seems sweetly frivolous when she isn’t spouting off right wing clichés. I’m not sure I would agree that Norman Rockwell is a great artist. I don’t know that I’d call him a conservative artist. And all the cultural indicators coming from TV and Hollywood and the Supreme Court and the lefties and Vanity Fair is to constantly make fun of people who believe in God and portray them one step short of a Nazi. Last week, the headline “Gay Man Placed In Charge of Republican Party” set my imagination aflame. Couldn’t the most powerful right homosexual afford a web designer?