Dating site for dog walkers

17-May-2016 21:26

also reports an increasing trend of people creating profiles on other social networking websites for their pets, including Facebook and Twitter."We buy high-end purses such as the JCLA Boutique's Rescue Me Totes for our dogs to reside in while driving around town," writes online dating and cyber-relations expert Julie Spira.

The dating app Tinder has taken off, but imagine if it were little paws swiping right?

JESS THOMAS: I was doing the matchmaking myself, but early on we had some feedback that people actually just want to choose own matches.

After selling his dating service Chirp Me to Europe’s Massive Media, Joshua Viner considered getting a dog.

The thought of someone checking me out and thinking anything other than “ooh, roots” or “she likes her leopard print” is hilarious. Fate Fate Fate I chanted whilst liking him secretly with the Heart button. The interest was in fact mutual, you sceptical hater child, and we got chatting.

There were other matches to speak of, but my wonderful fusion of fatalist laziness meant all future Happnings stopped with this chap.

There is an option to send a ‘charm’ which is basically the digital equivalent of prodding someone in the back when they’re ignoring you.

Because if they haven’t liked you, the ‘charm’ function is totally going to make them turn around and say “oh thank goodness I’m so glad you’re a rib prodder!

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" - allow owners to create social media profiles for their pets and find matches for them.It is because we care about what we do and the people who join us that we believe we are the online dating service of choice for animal lovers.