Mayan dating system

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A complete Maya Long Count cycle is 5,125 years long.

The Maya Long Count system establishes an absolute chronology in which any given date is unique, such as December 21, 2012, in the Gregorian system.

The Maya calendar system records a series of recurring cycles of time based on the movements of the Sun, Moon, and planets.

Any given date repeats at cyclic intervals, just as, for example, January 1st in the Gregorian calendar repeats every time the Earth completes a revolution around the Sun.

Although the names for the ritual days differed throughout Mesoamerica, scholars believe that the various calendars were synchronized based on their use in .

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The basic structure of the Mayan calendar is common to all calendars of Mesoamerica (i.e., the civilized part of ancient Middle America).(“Count of Days”), divinatory calendar, ritual calendar, or simply the day calendar.Within the Tzolkin are two smaller cycles of days numbered from 1 to 13 and an ordered series of 20 named days.By the 14th century BCE the Shang Chinese had established the solar year as 365.25 days and the lunar month as 29.5 days.

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The lunisolar calendar, in which the ritual month is based on the Moon and the agricultural year on the Sun, was used throughout the ancient Near East (except Egypt) and Greece from the third millennium BCE.

The nameless days were considered extremely unlucky, causing the Maya to observe them with fasting and sacrifices to deities.