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04-Sep-2016 16:26

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The only problem is, Patricia's fervor may be what keeps the ladies away: When Whitney brought his girlfriend, Larissa, over to mom's mansion for drinks, Patricia asked the blond European whether she'd consider moving to Charleston."I'm not getting any younger," she then said, hinting at her desire for grandchildren.

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And when they're not together, she can be seen making scrapbooks of her son's society magazine clippings while telling her butler how much she wants her baby boy to settle down.

He brought it on himself when he declared Charleston "a playground for men who don't want to grow up," and truly, none of his castmates seem to pursue the life of leisure with such gusto.

Shep is the fratboy you wanted to date in college but couldn't pin down: he's tall, handsome, witty, smart, and a touch goofy.

Dinning in or out and yes i can cook a little , road trips for the day / weekend or longer, museums, movies, boating, camping, fishing, scuba diving, walking my dog on the beach.

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I am a laid back guy, tired of people who string you along and done settling with no real interest in the person. As I have recently moved here I have only just got a job as a personal carer (privately) and I am still getting a feel for the place.

Where ladies are concerned, Shep says he "…yearns for freedom, like William Wallace." But like all charming playboys, Shep hints at the possibility of settling down.

“She was deeply troubled, abusing alcohol and prescription meds,” a close family friend said. After authorities arrived, they cut her down and tried to revive her. Mary was found “inside an out-building on that property,” police said in a statement.… continue reading »

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